Welcome family, friends, and colleagues…

I am pleased to have you visit this site. A team of close friends here in Washington, D.C. want to offer you different ways to show your respect and affection for Susan, my wife of nearly twenty years.

We held a Celebration of Susan’s Life with many of our friends and family members. The party was held on December 4, 2011 in the mid afternoon at the Press Club in D.C. We shared good food and premium drink, as Susan specifically requested. Friends and family had the chance to share their feelings about Susan during a short program. We look forward to showing video of that event shortly through this site.

Very important to Susan’s legacy is the work Daniels & Associates (D&A) and its nonprofit sister organization, PolicyWorks, does with young people on Social Security benefits who have or are about to graduate from college. Her commitment to these young professionals will be continued through the efforts of D&A and through the Mentorship Fund to be created in her name. Contributions can be made online by clicking “Donate” on this page.

Feel free to share your memories about Susan, read about her accomplishments, view photos, and view a slideshow of moments in her life. We are in the midst of constructing a photo gallery containing pictures of Susan in different parts of her life. There will soon be links to a site about the “Grads Without Limit” project so you can learn more about it.

Thank you for your interest in our dear Susan.

John Watson